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     Their carpet cleaners pulled off a fantastic job. I haven't been able to stop praising FinsburyCarpetCleaners.
Olivia R19/05/2020
     For domestic cleaning, FinsburyCarpetCleaners is the only company that my family trusts. Dependable service and competitive rates.
Rueben Slattery20/09/2019
     I find myself torn between my job and my social life, so I don't spend much time at home. This resulted in my house becoming a mess and it soon started to bug me. Knowing I wouldn't be able to a tackle things myself, I called FinsburyCarpetCleaners for help. They were able to do the job for me and now regularly clean, wash, dust, vacuum and more, ensuring my house always looks its best.
T. Jones18/12/2014
     I have quite a large apartment which I love but it can be a nightmare for me to clean sometimes. I was very glad finding FinsburyCarpetCleaners by chance on the internet. They have turned out to be a godsend and have saved me so much work and time. When I pay for a professional service I expect to get a professional service and that's just what I get from this company. It's also nice to see a company that employs cleaners who appear to care about the work they do. Considering the price as well is very affordable, I have no complaints at all about this company in fact, I'm glad to have the opportunity here to praise it very highly.
Amy Dobson13/08/2014
     I get so excited every time I know my cleaner is coming! She has done a fantastic job every time she's been over and has set the bar incredibly high for anyone that wants to try and do any better. I wouldn't be able to do a better job if I worked on it for triple the time she does. I would recommend FinsburyCarpetCleaners to anyone looking for an affordable cleaner. Despite the low costs, the standard of cleaning is amazing. Everything is so professional and no matter what I need done, my cleaner has managed to fix my mishaps every time!
     When you have three young kids, your household chores just don't take priority, and our house was becoming a bit of a bomb site! I was at the end of my tether and feeling too stressed and depressed to get out the mop and bucket, so I started to look into professional cleaning companies. I got in touch with FinsburyCarpetCleaners and I honestly think it was the best decision I could have made! My cleaner comes once a week and leave the place looking really, really clean! I have more time to spend with the family and I don't need to worry about cleaning up after everyone. Such a great service for busy mums!
Nicole Sorin17/12/2013